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Yung Bleu Says His Moon Boy U. Will Launch Golden Era of Rap

Source: TMZ


Yung Bleu is set to open his Moon Boy University campus to all comers next month, and predicts his halls will lead the next generation of great music.

The "You're Mines Still" singer opened up to TMZ Hip Hop about operating the 24,000-sq-ft super studio, and he scoffs at the notion the genre's glory years have passed ... in the wake of all the 50th-anniversary celebrations.

Bleu says he mainly identifies on the R&B side, but subscribes to the age-old theory that most fans champion the music released during their carefree adolescent years, and his MBU will produce sounds to supplement those times.

He tells us admission packages can range from $1500 - $10K and unlike record labels, MBU isn't looking to get a chunk of their credits and earnings ... they're simply here to teach and steer artists away from bad contracts!!!

For instance, Bleu says his former mentor, Boosie Badazz, is on the welcome list -- and who knows ... maybe they could resolve their money dispute with a Moon Boy U. collab!!!

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