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Yung Miami & Skilla Baby's From The Block Video "Can't F With Me (CFWM)" Unveiled

Written By: Big C


Gear up for the exciting release of Yung Miami and Skilla Baby's highly anticipated From The Block video for their chart-topping single, CFWM (Can't F*** With Me). Shot in Yung Miami's childhood neighborhood nestled in Miami, Florida, the video offers a raw and authentic glimpse into the duo's roots and unyielding energy. CFWM has already made waves prior to its official release, amassing over 50K creates and nearly 100M views on TikTok alone. Yung Miami, has been a trailblazing artist whose bold lyricism and unwavering authenticity have earned her acclaim in the music industry. From her early days as one half of rap duo City Girls to her solo endeavors, Yung Miami continues to empower women and inspire individuality.

Similarly, Skilla Baby, hailing from Detroit, Michigan, brings his unique sonic style and introspective lyricism to the forefront, captivating audiences with his unmatched energy and charisma. Experience the electrifying chemistry of Yung Miami and Skilla Baby as they effortlessly command the screen, solidifying their status as formidable forces in the rap scene. Watch the "From The Block" video now and immerse yourself in the authentic essence of two rap icons at the top of their game.

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