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Zebedee's Grungy Take On Phone Addiction In New Single "I Don't Know Where Your Phone Is"

Written By: Big C

Photo Credit: Nick Persaud

Brooklyn-based psych rock quintet Zebedee dives into the modern struggle of phone addiction with their grungy new single I Don't Know Where Your Phone Is. This track combines garage and surf rock elements to deliver a humorous yet critical perspective on society's reliance on smartphones. Led by the dynamic Zebedee Row, the band continues to push creative boundaries with their upcoming sophomore album, Going Nowhere Fast, set for release on August 2. This track also features a special appearance by Row's mother, Karena Dalla Rosa, on harmonica, adding a personal touch to the song's raw, distorted sound. Reflecting on the theme of their new single, Row comments:

I guess it's just a sad sign of the times–with the amount of blue light we all digest it'll be a miracle if we don't go blind within the next 50 years. (Mom) She was a little upset with the amount of distortion we threw on her harp, but in the end, she understood it was necessary to create the garage sound we were after.

The track has already become a live favorite, with audiences loving its faster, punk-ish live rendition. Zebedee's collaborative spirit shines through in this project, with contributions from Grammy-winning engineer Daniel Avila and guitarist Kelsey Van Mook, who co-wrote many of the songs with Row. As the band gears up for the release of "Going Nowhere Fast," they are set to perform across New York City, including a significant show at Brooklyn's Crown Hill Theatre on July 7, where they will support Mark Kelly, Kirk Douglas of The Roots, and members of Living Color. Fans can pre-order the album now here and look forward to an eclectic mix of neo-psych and desert rock sounds that characterize Zebedee's unique style. Listen the official audio below and connect with Zebedee on Instagram, Facebook, Bandcamp, and Soundcloud.

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