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ZHU & Tinashe Look For "Only"

Photo Credit: Toby Andrews

2020 has everyone inside trying to get out and let the social experience flourish. ZHU is searching for more fans and becomes the newest signee to Astralweks. The future is looking entertaining and linking up with R&B sensation Tinashe to create the feel good Only. Under the direction of Jack Murgatroyd we find the two looking through the shades at an evolving social distance dance party. Jack Murgatroyd says:

The video nods to the current moment, that ubiquitous feeling of uncertainty and uneasiness. This was our creative approach to exploring those emotions, our abstract way of trying to tap into our feelings of isolation and redundancy

ZHU has a creative way of bringing his vocals and his talent piano skill to life. Behind the camera ZHU has also launched his very line which includes face masks, mask case, aloe hand sanitizer, t-shirts, hoodie, crop top, kimono, sunglasses with chain and case, hats, bandana, pillows and tote bag. View the collection here and dowload the single here. Watch the official video below.

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