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Zyaire Rosier & SWRV Search For Time In "Lost"


You ever felt like a native to your environment? Uncharted lyrics fill the mind of the Haitian American rapper Zyaire Rosier. As he searches for an outlet to profess the hindrances of mental health, Zyaire speaks on the things making him feel Lost. As a follow to the single Alive, this brand new track carries a dark harmonious chord progression which balances the emotional lyrics. Zyaire says:

We are all one; race is an illusion. It’s not a contest.

Assisting on the track is SWRV. who dives deep into the struggle. The collaborated efforts of the two artist is just a mere glimpse of what you get from the thriving streets of New York. Get connected with Zyaire Rosier on Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook, and Spotify as he continues on his journey. Listen below to the official audio.

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