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50 Cent Says Working Out, Not Ozempic, Led To 43-Pound Weight Loss

Source: TMZ


50 Cent is nipping any notions he’s hopping on the celebrity Ozempic trend in the bud — he dropped pounds the ‘ol fashioned way!!!

The “In Da Club” rapper recently posted an IG flick rocking a noticeably slimmer frame — 43 pounds to be exact — and blew off accusations he binged on the diabetic drug to shred the pounds.

50 told his nosy fans he went from 253 pounds to 210 pounds — gym sessions and his recent Final Lap Tour also provided some much-needed cardio.

Fans mocked 50’s weight during his Super Bowl performance where he joined Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Mary J. Blige on stage … and now they’re praising his natural bod from natural means.

Medical experts are still warning the public not to write off Ozempic completely ... Dr. Terry Dubrow recently told TMZ that the drug is still a viable weight loss option ... under a doctor's supervision, that is.

On the face of it, Fitty seems to be siding with Jillian Michaels on this issue -- namely, if you wanna lose weight, you're better off doing it the old-fashioned way ... with hard work.

Hard to argue with that, TBH.

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