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Accept Toosii For His "Pain & Problems"

Photo Credit: Jesse Sandoval

Label as a high school drop out, becoming a victim to the street seemed like the only outlet for the young North Carolina native. However, Toosii found comfort in a pen and began to write and express his Pain & Problems like never before. Landing a deal with South Coast Music Group, his sound which was made fun of is now echoing across the nation. Toosi raps:

In ninth grade, I remember I ain't have a plan, Tried to tell the teacher I'ma be the man, But she laughed at it, knowin' damn well I got a bad habit of poppin' my shit, uh, Showed up the next year, thirty thou' on my wrist,

With his momma straight and diamonds to chill his heart, the evolution of his lyrics is rooted within his emotions. The latest visual was assisted directed by Drew T and edited by Trilla Visuals. You can find this single off the latest project Poetic Pain and also some new merch here. Check out the the official video below and keep up with Toosii on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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