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Album Review: Bryson Tiller - A N N I V E R S A R Y (Deluxe)

Written By: Mike Double G


Bryson Tiller - A N N I V E R S A R Y (Deluxe)

Grade = 67% or 3 ⭐️

Original Tracks = 60%

  1. Years Go By ⭐️

  2. Always Forever ⭐️

  3. I’m Ready for You ❌

  4. Things Change ✅

  5. Timeless Interlude ✅

  6. Sorrows ❌

  7. Inhale ❌

  8. Outta Time (Feat. Drake) ⭐️

  9. Keep Doing What Your Doing ❌

  10. Next to You ✅

Deluxe Tracks = 80%

  1. Still Yours (Feat. Big Sean) ⭐️

  2. Timeless Interlude Pt. II ❌

  3. Losing Focus ✅

  4. 7:00 ✅

  5. Like Clockwork ⭐️

Bryson Tiller’s greatest strength is that he is not one dimensional. He can both rap and sing. While R&B is his main genre and first love he also raps on a lot of his music. Unfortunately Bryson’s strength is also his weakness. He can rap better than most R&B singers but not better than most rappers. At the same time he can sing better than most rappers but not as good as most R&B singers. Many artist attempt to do both but not many do it well. A few artist who have been successful at both are Drake, Tory Lanez, and Russ.

I feel like the original part of this album was very mediocre. The song Outta Time featuring Drake was clearly the best song by far. This actually felt more like Drake songs then Tiller’s. Since Bryson hasn’t released an album since 2017 I expected to see some growth and a more lengthy project. His second album came in at 58 minutes. For some 58 minutes might be a little lengthy but usually the sweet spot for a studio album is anywhere between 40 and 60 minutes. Since he didn’t release an album for three years I expected something on the longer side rather than just 10 tracks at 30 minutes. If you are going to put out a short album with only 10 tracks then almost every song better be a hit and that just wasn’t the case.

Luckily for Bryson he released a deluxe version which definitely made it feel more like an album. A lot of the original tracks were slow and a little dry and while it had radio friendly music it didn’t really have that club record that Bryson is capable of making. One of the songs that had more energy was Like Clockwork which is the last song on the album. Another great song on the deluxe is Still Yours featuring Big Sean. Once again I feel like Bryson was outshine by a bigger name artist.

The deluxe definitely saved the album as a whole. I would have liked to see a few more big name features. In particular fellow Louisville artist Jack Harlow. Jack is especially hot right now after releasing his debut LP That’s What They All Say this past December. In the first track Years Go By Bryson gives Jack a shout out by saying, "The city on fire that’s because me and Jack." It would have been a good move putting him on the record.

I feel that Bryson is definitely capable of shining next to others he just didn’t on this album. On DJ Khaled’s record Wild Thoughts Tiller arguably had the best verse on a song that was number one on billboard and also included Rihanna. If you can keep up with a star of her caliber he could keep up with any one. With that being said I would have liked to see a few more rap verses from Bryson himself to give those R&B tracks a little more life. I gave this project a 67 or 3 out of 5 stars which is average.

Best Song: Outta Time (Feat. Drake)

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