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Album Review: Drakeo the Ruler - "So Cold I Do Em 2"

Written By: Mike Double G


Grade = 70% or 3.5 ️Stars

Track List - 1 hour 27 minutes

  1. California’s Hero 1:39

  2. Small Talk (Feat. ALLBLACK) 3:19 ️

  3. Stop Playin Wit That Man 3:38

  4. Shake Down (Feat. Ralfy the Plug & Young Bull) 2:53

  5. Gorillas n Nuns 3:06 ️

  6. Go Crazy 3:04

  7. Boss Me (Freestyle) 3:03

  8. Old Drakeo 2:50 ️

  9. Bands (Freestyle) 2:17 ️

  10. Evil Thoughts (Feat. RjMrLa) 2:38

  11. Been Had Uchies 2:54

  12. No Love 4:02

  13. Leave Em Stretched (Freestyle) 1:31 ️

  14. GangNEm (Pt. 2) [Feat. Ralfy the Plug] 2:43

  15. Time (Freestyle) 3:41

  16. Stincs Run LA 2:43

  17. Betchua (Freestyle) 6:28

  18. 300 Raccs 2:49

  19. Whole Lotta Ice 2:43

  20. New Niggas 3:00

  21. Comfortable (Feat. Ketchy the Great) 2:01 ️

  22. New Leaf 3:22 (Feat. Ralfy the Plug)

  23. Hundiddy Bop Bop 2:29 ️

  24. John Gotti 2:31 ️

  25. Touchable (Freestyle) 2:15

  26. Break Dance 4:07 (Feat. Ralfy the Plug) ️

  27. Los Scandalous 1:32

  28. Pole Dancer (Feat. Ralfy the Plug) 3:34

  29. Eye of the Tiger 3:58

On December 18th Drakeo the Ruler was stabbed in the neck after him and his entourage were attacked by as many as 60 men. The altercation happened around 8:30 p.m. at the Once Upon a Time concert in Los Angeles. Paramedics arrived at the scene soon after but a few hours later Drakeo was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, YG, and Ice Cube were all supposed to perform but the show was cancelled not long after the incident. People believe that rapper YG may have something to do with it since Drakeo was attacked by masked men around the same time YG arrived at the show. The two had known beef and exchanged shots through their music and interviews. YG is a well known blood and Drakeo the Ruler was a crip. Drakeo died at only 28 years old.

On July 25, 2019, Drakeo was acquitted of murder and attempted murder charges. The district attorney then decided to refile charges of criminal gang conspiracy and shooting from a motor vehicle. While incarcerated Drakeo recorded an album titled Thank You for Using GTL which Pitchfork called “likely the greatest rap album ever recorded in jail”. After three years of incarceration Drakeo was released in November of 2020 after he accepted a plea deal from the district attorneys office in which he pled guilty to shooting from a motor vehicle.

Since his release from prison Drakeo has been one of the busiest rappers in the industry. 2021 was a very productive year as he released 4 full length projects. Those projects include The Truth Hurts, Ain’t That The Truth, So Cold I Do Em 2, and A Cold Day In Hell which was made with Ralfy the Plug. He also worked with artists such as Drake, Tory Lanez, Icewear Vezzo, EST Gee, Don Toliver, and many more. His most streamed song is Talk to Me featuring Drake. This is because of the feature from from Drake but “Talk to Me” isn’t your typical Drakeo song.

Drakeo was a gangster rapper who was known for his flow and poetic word choices. He had a quiet cadence and used lingo that only some people would understand. Drakeo called it “nervous music” because of the herky-jerky flow and how uncomfortable he sounded on a track. Most of the time he was rapping with a mumble which made it seem like he was rapping to himself. His style wasn’t for everyone but it was unique. For every listener who was turned off by his odd approach there were two more who became fans because it was something they never heard before. His style was an acquired taste and not for everyone.

By the end of 2021, Drakeo turned himself into the most popular rapper in Los Angeles. Almost every new rapper on the west coast have been trying to sound like him. Phrases and cadences could be copied but Drakeo had a one of a kind voice. Stinc team members Ralfy the Plug and Remble use the same style when it came to rapping but Drakeo’s quiet voice is what made him special. People on the west coast recognize Drakeo’s voice the same way people on the east coast recognize Jadakiss’s voice. He was popular on the west coast but most of the world never got to see Drakeo’s full potential. Most rapper’s come and go with out changing the game. That’s not the case with Drakeo as the more in-tuned listeners will tell you he brought a style to rap that will forever be copied and utilized going forward.

Best Song: Small Talk (Feat. ALLBLACK)

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