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Album Review: French Montana - They Got Amnesia

Written By: Mike Double G


Grade = 63% or 3 stars

Track List - 1 hour 1 minute

  1. ICU 0:46

  2. How You King? 3:35

  3. FWMGAB 3:07

  4. I Don’t Really Care 2:40

  5. Touch the Sky (French Montana, John Legend, & Rick Ross) 3:09 ️

  6. Mopstick (French Montana & Kodak Black) 3:36 ️

  7. Stuck in The Jungle (French Montana, Lil Durk, & Pop Smoke) 2:58 ️

  8. Handstand (French Montana & Doja Cat Feat. Saweetie) 2:50

  9. Panicking (French Montana & Fivio Foreign) 2:44 ️

  10. Didn’t Get Far (Feat. Fabolous) 3:34

  11. The Paper 2:31

  12. Tonight Only 3:01 ️

  13. Business 3:16

  14. Push Start (French Montana & Coi Leray Feat. 42 Dugg) 3:05

  15. Striptease (French Montan, Ty Dolla $ign, & Latto) 2:09

  16. Bag Season (French Montana & Lil Tjay) 2:41

  17. Fraud 3:10

  18. Prayer (Skit) 1:01

  19. Appreciate Everything 2:54

  20. Losing Weight 5:04 ️

  21. FWMGAB (Remix) [Feat. Moneybagg Yo] 3:06

You can always count on French Montana for a strong verse or a catchy hook but after that don’t expect too much. French has always been capable of making the charts but he usually does so with help from others. A perfect example of this would be his song Unforgettable. This song was originally Swae Lee’s but French bought the track for $300,000. French added a verse to the record and it turned out to be a hit and his biggest song to date. Even with the added verse the majority of the song was carried by Swae Lee which made it feel like French was the featured artist. This is not the only time French has been outshined on his own music. On his first LP Jungle Rules he had features on 12 of the 18 tracks and on his second LP MONTANA he had features on 15 of the 20.

About a year about French released a project titled CB5 (Coke Boys 5). Although a mixtape this project felt like an album and it turned out to be my favorite project by the Moroccan rapper. Although this had several features like his other projects the material felt fresh because he worked with some artists he’s never collaborated with before. Some of those artists include Benny the Butcher, YoungBoy Never Broke Again, Jack Harlow, Lil Mosey, and Jim Jones. French and Jim had been enemies for years until recently settling there differences. The original project was a four star effort before he released a deluxe version with an extra 5 tracks. The 5 tracks did not include any features and it only watered down the project. This was just more evidence of French struggling to make good music with out some help.

French’s new album They Got Amnesia is a 21 song LP which has features on 10 songs. The project also includes 9 solo records and 2 skits. This is a better ratio compared to his last projects but he still makes his best music when he’s working with other artists. Many of the records with out features start off decent but as the song continues his verses get weaker and his voice gets tiresome. Some people hate French’s ad-Libs but I actually don’t mind them. However, a 60 minute project is probably the maximum amount I could handle.

On this new project French plays it safe but by making new songs with several artists that he had worked with in the past. Those artists include Kodak Black, Lil Durk, Pop Smoke, Rick Ross, and Lil Tjay. There is also track with Drake titled Splash Brothers which is suppose to be released on the deluxe version. They planned on putting this song on the original version but Drake wanted to hold off on releasing new music due to the lives lost at the Travis Scott concert. Some of the stronger songs on this project include artists that he has worked with in the past but most of the new material does not match up with his past work. An example of this would be the Mopstick with Kodak Black. Right now it is a cool song but I doubt it will have the same success as there previous song Lockjaw. Another song would be Stuck in The Jungle with Lil Durk and Pop Smoke. This is not a bad track but CB5 had better songs like Double G with Pop Smoke and Brothers with Lil Durk. Touch The Sky is another good record with John Legend and Rick Ross, but it doesn’t measure up to Stay Schemin’. I’m looking forward to Splash Brothers, but I doubt Stay Schemin is a record that could be topped. Drake has been on songs like No Stylist and No Shopping so I will be happy if Splash Brothers is in that ballpark.

French is past his prime but he always has a few good songs on his projects. He also has a niche for making records that sound better in the club. On this project he works with several female artists which include Doja Cat, Saweetie, Coi Leray, and Latto. All these ladies are big artists, but I would have liked to see Megan Thee Stallion on this album. French has worked with Nicki Minaj and Cardi B in the past so I thought Megan would make this album. Handstand, Push Start, and Striptease should all do well in the club. My favorite of the three was Push Start with Coi Leray and 42 Dugg.

Besides club bangers, French also has a couple drill records on here that should cater to the younger listeners. Brooklyn drill music is the hottest rap music in New York City. French might not be the hottest NYC rapper in 2021 but since Pop Smoke’s passing Fivio Foreign is leading the way when it comes to the drill movement in the city. The tracks Panicking” and Stuck in The Jungle should do numbers. The only other artist from New York City that appeared on this album was Lil Tjay who was on the song Bag Season.

When it comes to solo records he had a couple that caught. Business and Fraud have catchy hooks, but my favorite was Tonight Only. This track was on a Harry Fraud beat. These two have had great chemistry for years. Harry Fraud produced the hit record Shot Caller which also included a remix with Diddy, Rick Ross, and Charlie Morton. One of the singles on this project was FWMGAB (Fuck With Me Get A Bag), but this sounded too much like Straight For The Bag which appeared on CB5. I preferred this remix with Moneybagg Yo.

Overall this was an average album that wasn’t as good as CB5. He played it safe by collaborating with a lot of artists he’s had previous success with. I would have liked to see a few new faces. One day French fans will be looking for Chinx and Max B which could be on the deluxe. Unsurprising the better tracks on this album had features. I think he went 5 of 9 on the solo tracks and 7 for 10 on the songs with features. This comes out to an average rating of 63 percent or 3 stars.

Best Song: Touch the Sky (French Montana, John Legend, & Rick Ross)

Download: They Got Amnesia

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