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Album Review: G Hebro - 25

Written By: Mike Double G


Grade = 74% or 3.5 ⭐️

Track List - 57 minutes

  1. I Don’t Wanna Die 2:54 ✅

  2. Cry No More (Feat. Polo G & Lil Tjay) 3:42 ⭐️

  3. Stand the Rain 3:22 ⭐️

  4. T.O.P. (Feat. 21 Savage) 2:41 ⭐️

  5. You Can’t (Feat. The Kid LAROI & Gunna) 2:27 ⭐️

  6. No Jail Time 3:05 ✅

  7. Cold World 3:12 ❌

  8. Whole Hearts 2:26 ✅

  9. 2 Chains 4:04 ⭐️

  10. Drill (Feat. Rowdy Rebel) 2:45 ⭐️

  11. Trenches Know My Name 4:01 ❌

  12. Doughboy 2:49 ✅

  13. Demands 3:37 ❌

  14. Loyalty 2:22 ✅

  15. Pray 4 My Enemies 3:22 ❌

  16. Turning 25, 2:42 ❌

  17. Statement 2:20 ✅

  18. Really Like That 2:55 ⭐️

  19. Break Yoself 3:22 ✅

This year G Herbo turned 25 years old that’s the reason for the title of the album. He told Apple Music:

Where I come from, that's a big milestone for everybody. A lot of my closest friends and family members didn't really see 25 years old.

Growing up in Chicago a lot G Herbo’s friends were either locked up or killed from Gun Violence. In his last album PTSD he explains that he suffers from the disorder and that’s one of the reason his music is so personal. G Herbo is one of the many Chicago artist’s who have capitalized on the drill sound but few have done it better.

G Herbo may not be the best when it comes to word play or catching the beat but he has one of the best deliveries and he puts a lot of substance into his lyrics. 25 is one of his most personal albums so it’s fitting that he had very few features. Some of the more radio friendly songs include Cry No More featuring Polo G and Lil Tjay as well as You Can’t featuring The Kid LAROI and Gunna. The only other songs that have guest appearances are T.O.P. featuring 21 Savage and Drill featuring Rowdy Rebel. The other 15 songs on the album is solely G Herbo.

My favorite song on the albums is 2 Chains (A record that has nothing to do with the rapper 2 Chainz). This record is on a Tay Keith beat and it slaps hard. Herbo mainly talks about how his life has changed since he started making money as a rapper. In the first verse Herbo talks about selling drugs and being a shot caller. He says

Made a lot of shootings happen, I was ridin' 'round with thugs. Trap raided еvery week 'cause we was havin' all thе drugs.

In the second verse he shouts out the late King Von by saying:

Long live Von, we was killers 'fore we popped. Max hit my line, I popped right out with that Glock.

On the hook Herbo talks about the finer things he has now that he is the rap game.

I got two rings on, two chains on. Three diamond bracelets, don't get flamed on. Three cell phones, pick up, jail calls. Still don't get no sleep and I got three damn homes

This is the kind of boasting chorus that has made drill music so popular.

A lot of rappers talk about the same things. Many of them exaggerate how much money they have, how many cars they own, how much jewelry is on there neck, and all the designer clothes they wear. A lot of the content is the same but the best rappers have a skill when it comes to painting that picture. The best do a good job of making it seem realistic. Herbo has that skill, especially when he talks about his upbringing in Chicago. While there is materialistic content on this album, G Herbo’s lyrics get a lot more deeper than that. The street content is what draws many people to his music. The more descriptive an artist is, the realer it seems, and the more fans they get. People may like one hit song but if the fans think your lying they won’t gravitate to your music for very long. This is what makes Chicago artists like Herbo, Polo G, Chief Keef, King Von, and Lil Durk so appealing.

There are several times where Herbo talks about a real person in his music. We saw 6ix9ine name do this with his hit song KOODA. Lil Durk also has been known for this. In I Dont’t Wanna Die G Herbo says: “

Kobe took his last breath, I seen him rolling his eyes on the nine

Kobe, whose birth name was Jacoby Herron, was a friend of G Herbo’s who was murdered August 10th, 2013. He died from multiple gun wounds in the head and body. G Herbo told The Breakfast Club that he saw his first murder at 8 and was shot at 16. He also told Complex that 50 of his friends were murdered. These are the stories G Herbo talks about in his lyrics and what makes fans gravitate to his music. The fans knows it’s real which makes it more appealing.

This is G Herbo’s most personal album and his best project to date. Some of the songs sound somewhat similar from a production stand point as he primarily stays in one lane. Another reason they sometimes sound similar is because of the limited amount of features on this album. His strength is on the drill sounding beats but as he grows as an artist I would like to see some more diversity. I do expect a deluxe album coming soon with a few more features. Overall, I gave this album a final rating of ⭐️ 74% or 3.5 stars.

Download: 25

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