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Album Review: Tyler, The Creator - “CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST”

Written By: Mike Double G


Grade = 79% or 3.5 ⭐️

Tracklist - 53 minutes

  1. SIR BAUDELAIRE (Feat. DJ Drama) 1:29 ✅

  2. CORSO 2:27 ✅

  3. LEMONHEAD (Feat. 42 Dugg) 2:11 ⭐️

  4. WUSYANAME (Feat. Ty Dolla $ign & YoungBoy Never Broke Again) 2:02 ⭐️

  5. LUMBERJACK 2:18 ⭐️

  6. HOT WIND BLOWS (Feat. Lil Wayne) 2:35 ⭐️

  7. MASSA 3:44 ✅

  8. RUNITUP (Feat. Teezo Touchdown) 3:50 ❌

  9. MANIFESTO (Feat. Domo Genesis) 2:55 ✅

  10. SWEET / I THOUGHT YOU WANTED TO DANCE (Feat. Brent Faiyaz & Fana Hues) 9:48 ❌

  11. MOMMA TALK 1:11

  12. RISE! (Feat. DAISY WORLD) 3:24 ❌

  13. BLESSED 0:58

  14. JUGGERNAUT (Feat. Lil Uzi Vert & Pharrell Williams) 2:26 ⭐️

  15. WILSHIRE 8:36 ✅

  16. SAFARI 2:58 ✅

CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST is the first LP Tyler, The Creator has released since releasing his Grammy Award winning album Igor in 2019. Most artists would try to replicate a Grammy winning album but this time around Tyler decided to go in a different direction. In 2010, Tyler made a tweet saying he wanted to make a Gangsta Grillz project with DJ Drama. 11 years later his wish was granted as Drama plays host for this LP. Igor was more of a funk album that was praised for its production. On this album Tyler goes in the Hip-Hop direction. Tyler said he got inspiration to rap again from Westside Gunn. Tyler was featured on 327 which was a stand out record on Gunn’s critically acclaimed Pray For Paris LP. On this album the beat to SIR BAUDELAIR is the same beat that Westside Gunn used for his song Michael Irvin. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tyler’s verse to SIR BAUDELAIRE was originally on Michael Irvin.

Besides DJ Drama this album has features from 42 Dugg, Ty Dolla $ign, NBA YoungBoy, Lil Wayne, Brent Faiyaz, Lil Uzi Vert, Pharrell Williams, and more. Of those artists only Uzi and Pharell appeared on Igor. Critics have been comparing Tyler to Pharrell since his debut album Bastard. Tyler has admitted that Pharrell is his idol so it makes sense. The two are now friends and frequent collaborators. Pharrell and Uzi appear on the song JUGGERNAUT which is one of the highlights on this album. Tyler and Pharell are known for experimenting with melodies but on this track they remind fans that they can still rap.

This album is mostly rap but one of the best songs is WUSYANAME. This is one of the slower songs on the album. It includes features from Ty Dolla $ign and NBA YoungBoy. Both artists are no strangers when it comes to the melodic sound. This is a romantic song targeted towards a female. This is evident in the music video as well as in the lyrics. Tyler says:

What's your name, GIRLFRIEND, what's your name?

This is interesting as Tyler has been somewhat vague when it comes to his sexual orientation. Tyler has said things in the past like:

It’s still such a grey area with people, which is cool with me. Even though I’m considered loud and out there, I’m private, which is a weird dichotomy.

He has also made numerous references in lyrics to having had same-sex relationships or experiencing in same-sex attractions. Tyler has also been quoted saying:

I been kissing white boys since 2004.

After hearing all these direct quotes it s safe to say Tyler is at least attracted to the same sex. This is evident in the song MANIFESTO. On this song he apologizes to Selena Gomez for hitting on her ex boyfriend Justin Bieber. In verse three Tyler says:

I was a teener, tweetin' Selena crazy shit. Didn't wanna offend her, apologize when I seen her back when I was tryna fuck Bieber, Just-in. I say with my chest out, you say with your chest in.

This is Tyler’s way of telling the world that he’s not ashamed of being bisexual and that he’s proud of it. This is not the first time we’ve seen a mainstream artist be honest about being attracted to the same sex. Halsey, Lil Nas X, and iLoveMakonnen have all Identified as being gay or bisexual.

Another interesting song is WILSHIRE. This is the second longest song on the album at 8 minutes and 36 seconds. In the first half of the song it seems like Tyler is talking about a woman. In the second half it seems like he’s talking about a man. Halsey did something similar in her song Bad At Love. In the first verse of that song she admits to having a boyfriend. In the second verse she admits to having a girlfriend. On WILSHIRE Tyler admits to having sex with both men and women. He says:

I could fuck a trillion bitches every country I done been in/Men or women, it don't matter, if I seen 'em, then I had 'em.

Whether gay or straight you can’t deny Tyler talent. He has shown he can be successful in the many sub genres of Hip-Hop. On this album he gets back to his routes as a rapper and reminds us that he’s still one of the best lyricist and story tellers in the game. In my opinion this album is a lot better than his last album Igor. I might be bias since I prefer “straight up rap” music, but this album has already been discussed as a possible Grammy nominee. In comparison I gave “Igor” a 55 rating which is decent but disappointing at 2.5 stars. CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST gets a 79% rating which is 3.5 ⭐️'s. I don’t think it’s Grammy worthy but it’s another strong project from Tyler.

Best Song = WUSYANAME (Feat. Ty Dolla $ign & YoungBoy Never Broke Again)

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