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Amirah Returns With Acoustic Version Of Debut EP "Wish It Wasn’t You"

Written By: Big C


Emerging 18-year-old singer/songwriter Amirah has returned with an acoustic version of her debut EP, Wish It Wasn't You. This six-track EP showcases Amirah’s glittering vocals accompanied by the guitar compositions of GRAMMY Award-winning musician Justus West. The acoustic rendition breathes new life into fan favorites, including the standout track Tokio, with fresh vocal arrangements by Amirah. Executive produced by Mustard, the EP is a captivating blend of lush chords and enticing melodies that resonate with listeners of all ages. Amirah had to say:

This acoustic EP is about stripping back the layers and presenting the raw emotion behind each song.

Last week, she surprised her classmates with a performance during "Senior Day." The unforgettable show mesmerized her peers and teachers and was followed by the reveal of the acoustic EP on her graduation day through a compelling compilation video. The upcoming months will see Amirah promoting her new project and connecting with fans through various performances. Experience the reimagined tracks for yourself here and watch the official video below. Stay tuned for more updates from Amirah on Instagram and TikTok.

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