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Arctic Wave's "Air To Breathe" Offers A Musical Escape From Modern Life's Pressures

Updated: May 13

Written By: Big C


Finding the right words to say can be ghastly. Arctic Wave delivers a poignant anthem that resonates with listeners grappling with the suffocating pressures of contemporary existence. The track Air To Breath serves as a reflection on the struggle for freedom amidst the constrictions of everyday life, encapsulating the universal desire for space and respite. Formerly known as Dry Ice & The Crescendos, founder and songwriter C. L. Turner revamped the group for a brand new breath of life. With its infectious guitar lick and powerful chorus, this single captures the essence of resilience and renewal in the face of adversity. As the band navigates through life's twists and turns, they emerge stronger and more determined, using their music as a vessel for self-expression and healing. With lyrics like:

Walls are closing in. I need some air to breathe again. My patience is wearing thin, The mirror speaks to me. Don’t know the guy in front of me

Renowned producer Will Hensley and a talented ensemble of musicians join forces with Arctic Wave to elevate "Air to Breathe" to new heights. Their collaborative efforts result in a track that is not only commercially appealing but also emotionally resonant, touching the hearts of listeners worldwide with each note. As Arctic Wave prepares to unveil more of their musical prowess, fans eagerly anticipate what the future holds for this powerhouse band. Experience the transcendent power of Arctic Wave's brand new single by watching the official music video below and streaming your own copy here. Let the music wash over you and join the journey of self-discovery and liberation by following Arctic Wave on Instagram.

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