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Behind The Lens: BarsUp Dinero


What is the backstory to your name?

The name BarsUp Dinero comes from when I was younger trying be cool giving my self a nickname “Dinero”, BarsUp comes from the music group BarsUpENT which I am part CEO of.

How do you describe or build music for the next generation?

I speak about things I go through, from the good and bad, struggles I’ve had letting the next generation coming up know that hard times don’t define you, no matter how high or low you may be always remain confident but humble.

Who influenced your career the most?

When I started making music Meek Mill was a big influence on me. A lot of his older songs I really related to and felt personally.

Do you produce your music?

No I don’t make my beats, but I write all my material.

Do you write the lyrics first or create/pick the music first?

Every song may be different. Sometimes I might have thought of a idea or a few lines first, but other times I might have came across the beat first and wrote to the beat.

If you weren’t a recording artist what would you be doing?

To be honest I’m not sure, Lol! I might be working a job full time.

What are you going to do first when all COVID restrictions are lifted?

Definitely, try to get back to performing and being more social; really building more connections and networks.

Would you use or become a ghostwriter?

All depends on the opportunity.

Describe the perfect summer drink?

Something cold, Lol!

What's your next move and where can people connect with you at?

This year I’m going to do a lot of reading, learning, experimenting, and networking. Anyone can find me on Instagram @barsup_dinero , YouTube: BarsUp Dinero, easiest way is to google BarsUp Dinero.

#BarsUpDinero #BarsUpENT #MeekMill

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