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Behind The Lens: NAPGAWD


Where do you like to be for Inspiration?

I find inspiration in a lot of places.. I find inspiration in the struggle.. I like to go for nature walks and listen to beats.. I've come up wit songs at work. Hitting the record button on my phone in the notepad app.. Wit the guys.. Wit the ladies.. Mostly at the crib in my room.

Whose music are you listening/bumping too?

My own.. I listen to a lot of instrumentals. I listen to my family and friends.. Young Doobie, P-Shyne, J-Bub, The Spirit Shakers, Bamm Bandos, VHS Club (Walkman, VHS P, Rxch Chris, C-RO) Suburbia Collective, K.Z. Dark Universe, Band Up Sino, Smokey Smothers, Deloworld Mayday, and OneTres. As far as industry MFs, MF DOOM, Earl Sweatshirt, Sauce Walka, Sada Baby, N.E.R.D., Nirvana, Cash Kidd, Clipse, Ye, Big L, Tupac, Biggie, Rio Da Yung OG, Boldy James, Mach Hommy, Conway The Machine, and FMB DZ

Describe your perfect Thanksgiving plate?

Turkey, gravy, mac and cheese, dressing (not stuffing), cranberry sauce, greens, fried chicken, banana pudding, and a Pepsi..

What do you want most for Christmas?

To have everything I need for to drop an EP. My LLC for my clothing company and to have at least 4 designs for said company.. I have 3 more NAPGAWD shirts.. This Super Bowl show locked in.. One of the stocks that I own to buussss!

What's your number one scary movie?

Definitely not scared of em no more, but when I was younger I'd have to say Nightmare on Elm Street.. U couldn't escape dude..

Tell us your worst fall/winter experience?

One that sticks out is when I was in H.S.. I was tryna show out for my friends and there was this patch of ice by the bus stop in the back of the school.. So I ran to the patch and jumped on it and slipped, Home Alone style feet in the air and everything lol..

Should lyrics be used against people in the courtroom?

Ppl gotta be careful #OnGawd

Does fear of cancel culture, bad business partnering, or lustfull robbery affect the way you move?

Honestly, not really I'm a to myself kind of person.. I tend to say what I want when it comes to cancel culture.. I'on really care about cancel culture honestly, Imma be me.. Business partnering, I feel I'm pretty savvy.. When it comes to deal, can't nobody talk me into anything I don't believe in.. I deal with the stock market and one rule is never put up no money u not willing to lose.. I also keep in mind that everyone can be taken advantage of.. As far as the ladies I'm not no thirsty dude.. I can wait.. Cant move scary tho..

What do you think happened to monkeypox?

They didn't pay they promotion bills so they subscription got canceled.. They might be back tho.. Gotta pay yo bills #OnGawd

When is your next release date or performance, and where can people connect with you?

My next release is called "OMW 2 U" Ft. VHS P.. Issa track for the ladies that should be out late Nov.. early Dec.. My next performance is Dec. 17 in Burlington Wisconsin.. I'll be raffling off my GAWD IS LOVE hoodie.. The ppl can google me and put NAPGAWD in the search bar.. I'm on all streaming platforms.. YouTube.. Instagram.. Twitter.. Facebook.. TikToc.. SoundCloud.. Snapchat.. Spotify.. Apple Music..

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