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Brooklyn Producer M!NT Paints Vivid Soundscapes In Veteran Style For "Contours" Feat. Sasha Nitze

Updated: Jan 4, 2021


The digital world is moving so fast around us. As we try to take in the effects of what a distant future would look like, influences come across the globe to shatter the initial thought. From the metropolitan area comes veteran producer named M!NT. Having elevated the range and dynamics the single Contours takes the listener into an electronic trance. Featuring a melody of soundscapes from guitarist Sasha Nitze, the atmosphere is changed with every strum.

Also from the New York city region, Harlem based Director Thanoz takes the visuals beyond a simplistic 2020 thought. Although our world may feel it's getting confusing as each quarantined pressing day passes, the feel good music and simplistic vocals showcase a deepened insight into the producers future. Connect with M!NT also known as Cody Yozipovic by following him on Instagram and Spotify. Be taken for a reality and digital epic journey in the official video below. If you like the production stream your own copy here.

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