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Donna Missal Hits The Road With "Hurt By You"

Photo Credit: Erica Hernandez

Break up songs can really heal the soul. Having left a pass behind the blissful spirit of Donna Missal has Harvest Record pushing the rising star. Her latest single Hurt By You depicts a story of a lost love which she wants to stay loss. Donna says:

Letting someone go doesn’t have to signify loss and pain exclusively. There can be wide open space on the other side of that to feel autonomy, freedom, and room to grow. it doesn’t have to suck! And you don’t have to be hurt by change.

Preparing for a European tour with Lewis Capaldi, Donna's stunning voice is set to take the main stages all 2020. Check this knock out in the official audio below. Also keep you with Donna by getting your copy here.

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