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Drugs Have THEHXLIDAY Saying "Thank You"

Photo Credit: Travis Shinn

Many believe that Mary Jane and prescripts don't break your heart. While the pain surrounding the fast life is hidden by the limelight, THEHXLIDAY takes a unique approach. Using melodies which embrace the sadden music, Thank You is an ode for finding methods to cope with depression. Healing through betrayal, break ups, and feeling alone, sometimes people need a way to connect with people with the same issues. THEHXLIDAY says:

Kids these days feel the urge to take drugs to help cope with their emotions, With “Thank U” it’s a message saying ‘You can take drugs. You can take anything you want but it’s only going to make things worse.’ You don’t need that to heal they’re better things to do.

This track serves as one of the leading singles for his Batboy EP. set to be released in 2021, ending the year of with a heartfelt track captures the darker side of the holiday season. You will see THEHXLIDAY popping up in artist projects while you wait for the EP, Until then get your copy of the single here. Be sure to follow THEHXLIDAY on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Listen to the official audio below.

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