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EDEN Sees A Future Full Of "Love, Death, Distraction"


No Future is coming out soon and pre orders are now available. As a follow up to Projector, Eden looks forward to bringing the music to the people. With dates for his upcoming No Future Tour release, the journey will be a challenge for the rising star. V Magazine says:

Love, death, distraction’ is a hauntingly beautiful slow jam that doubles as a reflection of our relationship with our phones, brought to life by the strums of a guitar and Ng’s euphonious ennui…(The track) packs a melancholic punch while simultaneously bringing on a sense of warm and fuzzy (while) the accompanying music video—is set against a picturesque landscape that will kick your wanderlust into overdrive. As with everything he creates, EDEN’s thoughtful and methodical approach can be both seen and felt. His knack for succeeding at it is what all great artists should aspire to.

The video filmed and conceptualized by Zhang and Knight, shows a destroyed plane being transferred over the dessert. While we over look the horizon and the simple architect of the plane, Eden produces passionate vocals detailing the withering fire of his growing career. Take a look at the official video below and preorder your copy of the album here.

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