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Endless Nights Has Carneyval Emotional Saying "Never Gonna Drink Again"

Written By: Big C


Line up the shots and blame it on the alcohol. Carneyval has a blast of a night to the point where the club gets a little out of control. His club-ready new single Never Gonna Drink Again, is instantly addictive, and the floorfiller has what it takes to be on repeat all summer long. Following on the heels of March's equally intoxicating track Flies featuring benny mayne, the lyrics relate:

I don’t like going to parties, it makes me emotional I always end up in the corner, don’t know how to breathe on my own. Drinking whiskey at the bar, got some random guy with me and he doesn’t know my name, but he thinks that I’m pretty — oh I swear I’m never gonna drink again.

The intensely relatable night-time disaster reaches fans in a new culture gem. Breakout artist and producer Carneyval has more in store for Astralwerks Records. Keep up with him on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube. Listen to the official audio below.

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