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Feelings & Gratitude Get Exposed In Aaron Carpenter Brand New Single "Proud"


No one wants to be let down, and it always great to pay homage to the people who influence our lives. Proud a poignant song from the road that celebrates the enduring influence of family and friends on a musician and the deep-seated desire to make them proud. Aaron Carpenter tells the people at Capitol Records:

Proud’ perfectly describes what I’ve felt since I moved to L.A. on my own, away from all of my family – after everything that we’ve been through, In 2015, I lost both my stepbrother and stepdad. They were both such big supporters and motivators of me pursuing my passion along with the rest of my family. I hope that ‘Proud’ resonates and helps people the same way that it’s helped me!

With the help of super producer Oren Yoel , this single is set up in a blissful way to success.

take a listen to the official audio below.

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