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Find Peace With Victor Ray In "Comfortable"

Written By: Big C


Humans can be the most horrible creatures on the face of this earth. Since the September release of his i felt EP, Victor Ray continues to bring mesmerizing vocals despite the emotional roller coaster he faces. Comfortable speaks to the bitter truth that people may find themselves in situations that they knowingly should walk away from but have grown too comfortable to leave. Victor Ray had to say:

‘Comfortable’ is a song I wrote about finding peace within an unfortunate circumstance. It's about the harsh reality that sometimes, as humans, we find ourselves in toxic situations and environments and we grow comfortable within them. Sometimes even actively searching for them.

Since teasing the single back in December, the attention flourished to his followers sky rocketing to over 4.2 million. Victor’s tenderness and vulnerability of his lyrics, combined with his innate talent define him as one of the most exciting young talents. This is only the beginning for Victor Ray, and 2024 is set to be his year! Stream your copy of the single here and follow him on TikTok, Instagram, Spotify, and YouTube. Watch the official video below.

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