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G Herbo's New Teeth Give Him Confidence, Announces "Best Rapper Alive" Album

Source: TMZ


G Herbo is feeling on top of his game -- he's got a new set of pearly whites in his mouth, which he plans to use to stunt on his rap peers with a ballsy new album title that's bound to get challenged!!!

The Chicago-born rapper was all smiles when we caught up with him Wednesday at LAX ... thanks, in part, to recently fitted veneers, which prompted a shoutout to "Da Smile Boss" -- his dentist back in Chi-town.

Herbo says the dental work's given him newfound confidence and mental toughness -- and advises anyone feeling self-conscious about their mouth to invest in themselves and get the work done.

Herbo had another big, non-dental, revelation for TMZ Hip Hop ... he's standing on business, and naming his upcoming project "Best Rapper Alive."

A bold proclamation, for sure, and one that could build anticipation for the project -- and maybe that's the point.

Hopefully it's dropping soon ... we can't wait to see what Lil Wayne thinks about it!!!

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