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German Producers Lucry & Suena Release "Really" Feat. The Late Young Dolph & Bonez MC

Written By: Big C


Rarely does it happen that the word 'serendipity' hovers over a song. The serendipity begins when the Berlin producer duo Lucry & Suena is present in Berlin in 2019 when Young Dolph and Key Glock deliver 1 Hell Of A Life to German fans. In December 2022, cosmic forces play a role again when the Cologne-based A&R Samuel Kübler gets hold of an unreleased verse from the '100 Shots' rapper through an engineer from the Young Dolph camp and immediately shares it with Lucry & Suena. An absolute gift and again, serendipity! Then, some time later, Bonez MC, Lucry and the Hamburg native drive through the streets in Bonez's car, loudly rapping track after track from Young Dolph's discography, as Bonez shares Lucry & Suena's enthusiasm for his music. Check out when the cosmic collides in the visualizer below and stream your copy of the single here.

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