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Get It Together Or "Pack Lite" Say Queen Naija


A lot of people are wondering what is next for Queen Naija? She's been producing hit after hit and collabing with multiple stars that fans are now anticipating a debut album. Showcasing her latest dominance, the latest single Pack Lite explains she is not trying to deal with the same game after game. No more bad vibes says Queen Naija and Hot New Hip Hop had to say:

Queen Naija has proven herself to be one of the strongest voices in today’s R&B landscape. Wale drops a solid verse that gets us thinking about the true meaning of love. Queen Naija harmonizes perfectly with his raps, delivering gorgeous vocals.

Produced by Oak, the track samples female songstress Erykah Badu. We can expect this emerging artist to find a good foundation within the music insurty for years to come. If you like what you hear drop a comment. Be sure to get your copy of the single here. Take a listen below if you know how to act right.

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