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Henry Morris Drops Moody New Single "Forever Young" & Announces Album "Jawbreaker"

Written By: Big C


Los Angeles-based artist Henry Morris, formerly known as Playyard, shares his haunting new single Forever Young. This track narrates the intense and fleeting emotions of young love, highlighting Morris's talent for storytelling and evocative soundscapes. The single, produced with Taylor Ross, sets the stage for his upcoming album Jawbreaker, which is set to release on June 21. Ones To Watch notes:

Morris’ solo project is grounded, stirring with an undeniable momentum.

Grimy Goods adds:

[Morris is] an alluring conjurer of sweltering slow burners that capture all the glorious and messy sides of hot and heavy passions.

The creation of "Forever Young" was a collaborative effort with producer Taylor Ross, who helped craft its noir narrative. The song dives into the story of a young couple eloping, only to confront the consequences of their impulsive decision. As the initial rush fades, they find themselves praying to stay "forever young" even as their love begins to wane. Looking ahead, Morris's new album "Jawbreaker" promises to explore themes of winners and losers, honesty and deceit, all wrapped in his signature melancholic style. Be sure to listen to "Forever Young" below and stay tuned for "Jawbreaker" arriving June 21 here. Connect with Henry Morris on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

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