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Hide and Shine's Debut Album "Soft Machines" Out Now!!!

Written By: Big C


In the heart of Kingston, New York, rock trio Hide and Shine triumphantly unveils their debut album, Soft Machines. This release marks a significant milestone for the band, showcasing their prowess in crafting Americana-infused indie rock melodies. Spearheaded by singer-songwriter Chris Kelly, drummer Michael Chambers, and bassist Chris Ferguson, Soft Machines is a testament to their collective artistry and musical synergy. Notably, the album stands as one of the final works mixed by the legendary engineer Steve Albini, adding a touch of legacy to its production. Chris Kelly reflects on the album's genesis, stating:

Songs don’t come from people, they come through people.

The band added:

We're thrilled to celebrate the release of Soft Machines with a special performance at Rockwood Music Hall.

The excitement extends beyond the music, as Hide and Shine generously offer 25 vinyl copies of the double LP to lucky attendees. Soft Machines emerged from a serendipitous meeting between Kelly and Chambers, evolving from a collection of obscure solo projects into a vibrant collaborative endeavor. Ferguson's addition completed the trio, solidifying their sonic journey into the realms of the subconscious and the tangible. Stream the single Mindless Apparition below and get your copy of debut album here. Connect with Hide and Shine on YouTube, Bandcamp, and Instagram.

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