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Idaho Returns With Brand New Single "Snakes"

Written By: Big C

Photo Credit: Matthew Reamer

Groundbreaking slowcore pioneers Idaho have released a new single, Snakes, ahead of their upcoming album, Lapse. This marks Idaho's first album release in over 13 years. Led by Jeff Martin, the band has been a staple in the indie rock scene since the early '90s, known for their lush, melancholic soundscapes and introspective lyrics. "Snakes" is a powerful track that reflects on a friendship gone awry, featuring the distinctive minor key melodies and acerbic lyrics that fans have come to love. Martin describe the track as:

'Snakes' sounds like Idaho circa ‘96, a deep visitation with the muse that ignited more than three decades” of music. To most folks, it could be a real downer, but to John [Berry] and me it would be more of a joy-filled uplifting exercise in catharsis.

Collaborating with guitarist Robby Fronzo and producer/engineer Bill Sanke, Martin has brought Idaho's classic sound into a new era with "Lapse." The album was recorded in Martin's mother’s desert house, adding a unique atmospheric quality to the music. Upcoming events include the album release on May 31, which is available for pre-order now here. "Snakes", with its solemn and resonant tone, brings back memories of the band's early days, offering a poignant and nostalgic listening experience. Let us know your thoughts below and connect with IDAHO on INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, YOUTUBE, and TIKTOK.

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