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Kanye West Accuses Ex-Yeezy Employee Who's Suing Him Of Extortion

Source: TMZ


Kanye West was accused of a lot of wrongdoing by a former Yeezy employee, but he's hitting back -- claiming it's actually her who's in the wrong ... alleging she's trying to extort him.

A legal rep for Ye tells TMZ ... "In response to these baseless allegations, Ye will be filing a lawsuit against Ms. Pisciotta, who actively pursued him sexually to coerce employment and other material benefits, then engaged in blackmail and extortion when her advances were rejected."

The rep also accuses Lauren Pisciotta -- who sued Ye on Monday for sexual harassment and wrongful termination, among other things -- of stealing Kanye's phone in an attempt to destroy evidence that would run counter to her narrative.

As for why Pisciotta got canned ... Ye has a different version of events, with his legal rep telling us she was terminated for being unqualified, and for allegedly demanding unreasonable sums of cash (including a $4 million salary) ... plus "lascivious, unhinged conduct."

Kanye's team goes on to accuse Pisciotta of sending Kanye nudes and soliciting him for sex herself -- all of which the rep claims Ye denied. The legal rep also claims Pisciotta made demands for lots of stuff during her tenure there, including high-priced items such as Birkin bags, a Lambo, and more.

His team goes on to say that upon being rebuked for these demands, she allegedly started resorting to attempted extortion and blackmail -- with Ye and co. claiming she made demands in the tens of millions of dollars before she ultimately filed the lawsuit.

The rep adds .... "It is evident that Ms. Pisciotta leveraged her association with Ye and his company, and her proximity to him, to seek material gains, clout, and employment through inappropriate means." They finish by saying she's completely made up lies about Kanye.

We broke the story ... Pisciotta alleged in her lawsuit that Kanye had bombarded her with incredibly inappropriate sexual messages while she worked for him -- and in the end, she claims he never paid her ... not to mention wrongfully firing her.

We've reached out to Pisciottta regarding Ye's own claims ... so far no word back.

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