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Kodak Black Presents: Vulture Love Chronicles

Written By: Big C


In his latest endeavor, Kodak Black unveils the inaugural project from his record label, Vulture Love, with Vulture Love Presents: The Last Zombies On Earth. This collection of tracks showcases the rising stars of the rap world, including Lil Crix, VVSNCE, G6reddot, and more, alongside Kodak himself. The album, brimming with ferocious bars and captivating beats, marks a significant step in Kodak's career as he nurtures the next generation of hip-hop talent. Kodak Black had to say:

I got the next generation of stars. I have a voice in this game and I’m using it to put my artists on until everyone knows their names. Watch out for Vulture Love. We ain’t stopping.

Collaborating with a roster of talented producers, including SkipOnDaBeat and ATL Jacob, Kodak Black presents a diverse range of tracks that blend soulful melodies with hard-hitting rap verses. Fans can catch the label's artists live at upcoming events, with performances scheduled throughout the year. Don't miss the chance to witness the rise of Vulture Love – listen to "Vulture Love Presents: The Last Zombies On Earth" now. Watch the official video for the way below.

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