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Let It Go With Alesso & Charlotte Lawrence In "The End"

Photo Credit: Eddie Diaz

As the sensual claps echo in the background, The End is composed of a feel good combination of EDM and pop music, Alesso brings a soothing rhythm and can space out drums throughout the track. All this for Charlotte Lawrence to expose her vocal range. Fans now get the official video just in the nick of time. Media outlets are saying:

Rolling Stones: A DJ superstar, producing massive, moody anthems of emotional transcendence for an audience of millions.
Billboards: Main stage anthem maker Alesso is no stranger to reigning atop the dance charts.
Forbes: (An) electronic music superstar.
Entertainment: Lush melodies, dramatic builds, and top-shelf vocal guest spots

Alesso has figured out how to blend regardless of the genera he comes across. The platinum DJ is set on a path which doesn't stop! Get connected with Alesso via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok. Also get your copy of the single here. Check out the official video below.

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