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Listen To Hip Hop With A Twist In "Wiggy" By Young Miko

Written By: Big C


Media outlets are saying the Puerto Rican newcomer Young Miko is unapologetic with her raunchy lyrics and feminine appeal. The ability to blend hip-hop, trap, and culture is bringing the party to life in her brand new single Wiggy. With her characteristic Spanglish delivery, Young Miko evokes a lively night of partying that finds her conquering the heart of a girl who catches her attention. The track, which she co-wrote, pays tribute to the iconic song Aserejé, originally performed by the renowned Spanish group Las Ketchup. Miko says:

Wiggy is a fun and nostalgic song that captures the essence of a generation and a piece of myself, having grown up around hip-hop and diverse influences, from both English and Latin backgrounds.

Wiggy was produced by Mauro (Anuel AA, Randy) and co-produced by Caleb Calloway and Avila WTF. In the official video Young Miko and her crew finish another boring day of high school and get ready for a night in the club, where they take over the dance floor. She shot the video in San Juan, Puerto Rico with director Joshua “Shot” Rivera. Young Miko’s "Trap Kitty World Tour" is currently underway. Connect with Young Miko on Tik Tok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Stream your copy of the single here and vibe out to the official video below.

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