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MGK Celebrates "Hotel Diablo"'s Fifth Anniversary With Deluxe Edition & Brand New Music

Written By: Big C


To mark the fifth anniversary of his acclaimed 2019 album Hotel Diablo, MGK is treating fans to a special deluxe edition, Hotel Diablo: floor 13 edition. This reimagined project includes six new tracks featuring notable artists such as Young Thug, YUNGBLUD, Naomi Wild, and more. Among these new releases, I Think I'm Okay (Sad Version)" stands out, with an accompanying video that brings fresh emotional depth to the original song. The video, directed by Sam, uses archival footage from the album's creation period, providing a nostalgic and intimate look into MGK's creative process. The deluxe edition not only revisits fan favorites like Glass House with Naomi Wild but also introduces a demo version of 5:3666 featuring Phem and a brand new track, Bullets With Names, featuring Young Thug, RJMrLA, and Lil Duke. Reflecting on this milestone, MGK shared:

Creating Hotel Diablo was a transformative experience for me. Revisiting these songs and adding new elements has been incredibly rewarding.

The inclusion of Young Thug and YUNGBLUD adds a dynamic edge, while Sam's direction of the "I Think I'm Okay (Sad Version)" video deepens the album's emotional impact. Each track brings a unique flavor to the project, showcasing MGK's versatility as an artist. In celebration of this special release, MGK's 27 Club Coffee Shop in Cleveland, Ohio, will host festivities including exclusive specials and new merchandise commemorating the album. Don't miss the chance to experience "Hotel Diablo: floor 13 edition." Watch the new "I Think I'm Okay (Sad Version)" video below.

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