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Nardo Wick Fan Punch Suspect Forfeits Bond After Missing Court Date

Source: TMZ


The guy seen in video throwing a devastating punch at one of Nardo Wick's fans has a new issue on his hands -- he's lost his bond money by skipping out a court appearance.

TMZ Hip Hop obtained docs confirm 34-year-old Zachary L. Benton's $2,000 cash bond was forfeited after he missed a March 18 court date for the case.

We broke the story back in December ... Benton and a 15-year-old minor are accused of viciously attacking George Obregon Jr. -- a Nardo fan who was trying to get a selfie with the rapper.

In the video, Benton throws one sucker punch, and then the minor follows up with multiple shots to George's face, knocking him out cold on the pavement and causing a concussion.

Nardo wasn't with the smoke, and distanced himself from the attack ... while Benton later surrendered to police, and was charged with felony aggravated battery.

Following the incident, George's mother told us they want justice for her son ... which is, clearly, still an ongoing battle.

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