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Paris Paloma’s DSCVR Debut With Vevo Performing “LABOUR”

Written By: Big C


We must exert effort and try to make thing better. The enchanting singer-songwriter from Ashbourne, Paris Paloma is trying to push that narrative with a debut DSCVR video of her viral song LABOUR. Vevo DSCVR is renowned for spotlighting emerging artists, and Paris Paloma is a perfect fit with her unique blend of dark pop, folk, and indie influences. Her music is often described as poetic and inspired by mythology, art history, and Romantic literature. The DSCVR performance captures her powerful presence and ability to dive into themes of womanhood, love, grief, and empowerment. Paris shared with NME:

I think I want them to feel heard, or held, and whether they’re listening to something like ‘LABOUR’ and it’s something so angry, I want them to feel like their anger is valid. If it’s something else, I want them to feel comforted, if it makes them cry I want them to feel held while they do that. I hope that my music can serve as a vehicle for a protective sphere in which to feel any emotions that need to be felt.

The DSCVR video of “LABOUR” was brought to life with the collaborative efforts of Vevo, who has a storied history of propelling artists like METTE, Victor Ray, and Jorja Smith to new heights. Vevo’s commitment to supporting artists early in their careers ensures that Paris Paloma’s evocative performances reach a wider audience and growing internet fame. Fans can look forward to more content from Paris Paloma as she continues to captivate with her unique sound and powerful storytelling. Don’t miss the chance to experience her compelling DSCVR performance below.

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