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Producers Disclosure Shows The Importance Of The "Birthday" Feat. Kehlani & SYD

Photo Credit: Hollie Fernando

Disclosure is preparing to unveil their album Energy. The type of music featured taps into different genres. While the creativity of the producers tests their audience, Disclosure unique sound is gathering attention across the music industry. Teaming up with vocals from Kehlani and SYD production, we now have the sultry single Birthday. Disclosure says:

Howard: Syd & I were going through a similar thing at the time, trying to work out if it was cool to call your ex to say hi or is it too awkward, mean to do so out of the blue?
Guy: It’s the oldest song on the album by far so has definitely stood the test of time and deservedly made the cut. And the addition of Kehlani just took it to the next level and turned into a fire duet.

The duo of Howard and Guy know exactly how to create. The R&B backdrop is well elevated by the dancing high hat. Pre order the upcoming album now here. Listen to the official audio below and look out for Disclosure in a city near you.

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