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Radio DJ Peter Rosenberg Blasts Kanye West's Apology For Antisemitic Rants

Source: TMZ


Peter Rosenberg's not buying Kanye West's apology for his antisemitic comments ... seconding our observation it reads like something outta an AI chatbot.

We got the radio DJ on "TMZ Live" Wednesday, where he notes Ye's remorse was so inauthentic compared to his usual impassioned messages ... it automatically let him know it was bogus.

In fact ... Peter focuses on the rapper's delayed album "Vultures" ... theorizing he was forced into conjuring up a blanket apology after record execs pressured him into it ... in exchange for clearing some tunes on his album.

Peter blasts Ye further ... telling us his message being written in Hebrew was both intentionally and unintentionally offensive ... as if American Jews could easily read the language without vowels.

Noting his years-long obsession with making offensive comments ... Peter says he doesn't think there'll ever be an apology from Ye that could make people forget the uproar he's caused.

As TMZ first noted ... an AI content detector said there was an 85% chance a computer wrote Kanye's apology.

Strong buzz words usually associated with chat phrases like "sincerely apologize," "It was not my intention to hurt," and "promoting unity" were used -- meaning there's a strong chance it didn't come from his heart.

Even if his remorse was genuine, we totally back Peter's comments ... Ye's done so much damage publicly lashing out at Jews; it wouldn't have been enough ... he'd need a whole apology tour.

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