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Rae Rae Showoffs In "Cash Flow (Ain't Trippin)" Feat. Taeman

Photo Credit: The Vxsionary

Brand new to the scene comes 17 year old Rae Rae. With catchy lyrics and a decent squad behind him, Cash Flow (Ain't Trippin) is the first single set to mark his path within the music industry. Adding fellow rapper Taeman on the track, the two are enjoying the fast life way too much to get tripped up by distractions. Teaming up with director Chase Walker, you catch up with Rae Rae tearing up the streets of Atlanta. Also joined by female krump dancers, this southern swagger is the perfect introduction. Don't miss out on the artists and get connect on INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE, and SOUNDCLOUD because Rae Rae has a lot more music on the way. Check out the World Star Hip Hop premiere in the official video below and download the single here.

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