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RealRichizzo Is Street Restricted In House Arrest

Written By: Big C


Being confined to the city of Detroit Michagan, the new music from RealRichizzo is aiming to be on full display for the world. Sticking true to his storytelling style, RealRichIzzo briefly touches on the topic of his own House Arrest throughout the song as it relates to his past and his future. Directed by Public Goat, the Atlanta-based videographer brings us to the home studio where clips of RealRichIzzo and his crew can be seen vibin' along to the song as it plays. Alongside Priority Records, this track comes nearly a month after the last release Signing Day. Let's see how much more music is going to be released this year by following RealRichizzo on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Watch the official video below and stream the single here.

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