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Scott Guild's Immersive Debut "Plastic: The Album" Out Now!

Written By: Big C

Photo Credit: Anna Powell Denton

Innovative musician and author Scott Guild has just released his debut solo LP, Plastic: The Album. This unique project, which includes a companion novel Plastic published by Penguin Random House, showcases Guild's multifaceted talents in both music and storytelling. The album's lead track, Lightning, poignantly addresses the search for love in a broken, war-torn world, encapsulating the thematic depth and emotional resonance of the entire project. Guild shared his thoughts on the project, stating:

All my life, I’ve been obsessed with art that pushes boundaries, especially boundaries of genre and format. I love art that creates an immersive world, that lets me lose myself in someone’s vision. That’s my hope with 'Plastic': to find new ways to tell a story, to put people in a vivid space of imagination.

"Plastic: The Album" features collaborations with the visionary artist Cindertalk and GRAMMY-winning producer Peter Katis. Stranger Cat, also stars on the record, bringing the character Erin to life with her emotive vocals. This summer, Guild will embark on a national tour, with over 25 dates scheduled and more to be added. Don't miss the album release show tonight at Green Apple Books in San Francisco, which will be livestreamed for fans worldwide below. Catch Guild live this summer (with all events open to the public), stream the album here, and connect with him on Instagram and Twitter.

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