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"STOP-MOTION" & Embrace The Dreamscape Of Ginger Winn's Enchanting Debut

Written By: Big C

Photo Credit: Mikala Gallo

Ginger Winn is an emerging singer-songwriter prepared to take fans on a whimsical journey through dreams and self-discovery. With the enchanting release of STOP MOTION, this album is a testament to Winn's unique ability to blend soothing production with compassionate, warm lyricism, providing listeners a necessary refuge in a chaotic world. "STOP-MOTION" encapsulates snapshots of Winn's life, with each track offering a glimpse into her hopes, dreams, and experiences, while inviting listeners to reflect and daydream.

Atwood Magazines describe the single Frosting as:

Its dreamy acoustic reverie and her "whimsical, heart-on-sleeve folk song" style.

"STOP-MOTION" was meticulously produced by David Baron. Praises Winn as a "rare diamond," Baron describes the album as a memoir capturing the essence of daily life. He recommends experiencing the album as a unified whole to fully appreciate its emotional depth and artistic vision. In collaboration with Baron, Winn recorded the album in just 18 days at Sun Mountain Studios. Upcoming events include the release of the official video for Off Course, directed by Mikala Gallo and Brooklyn Zeh, which visually represents the dream world Winn creates through her music. Fans are encouraged to watch the mesmerizing video and get lost in Winn's enchanting world below. Get your copy of the album here and stay connected with Ginger Winn on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

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