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Swedish Grammy Award Winner Seinabo Sey Makes Waves With Her Newest Single "Shores"


Summer may have reached its conclusion, but the wave has just reached the shore.

Four-time Swedish Grammy Award winning songstress Seinabo Sey has made her long awaited return with her newest single Shores. On the soulful sounding track, she's joined by previous collaborators Vargas and Lagola in a relaxing ballad that has some folk influence. In the singles press release, Sey had this to say about her creative process:

“At the beginning of 2017, Salem, Vincent, and I went out and sat down to write for my album “I’m a Dream”, where we also wrote this song. We didn’t get it ready in time for the album, but when I was planning a gig in Stockholm a few weeks ago, I knew that I wanted to bring them on as guests and share this song. Shortly after we rehearsed it together live, I visited the premiere program of Luuk & Hallberg where it felt natural that we would record and release it. I’ve worked with these two geniuses a lot and for so long, it feels extra fun to make a song that we’ll release together”.

Shores is a track that lets Seinabo Sey show off her vocal prowess and an overall, promising return for the Swedish singer. Four years ago, her debut album Pretend was one of the best albums of the year and it'll be interesting to see if her next album will gain the same type of success.

Take a listen to the official audio below.

Written By: Raymond

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