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Take A Dreamy Journey With Giacomo Turra In "The Way She Wants"

Written By: Big C


Its time to get up and get down! Giacomo Turra is taking listeners on a dreamy journey for the brand new single The Way She Wants. The Italian guitarist is able to blend funk, R&B, and jazz into the mesmerizing landscapes of California. Backed by an infectious groove, soulful vocals from Nic Hanson, and Turra's intricate guitar work, the track immerses audiences in a dreamlike state reminiscent of sun-soaked beaches and vibrant sunsets. Turra shares the inspiration behind "The Way She Wants," revealing that the song was born during his tour of California, where he was enchanted by the surreal beauty of the landscapes. Drawing influence from icons like George Benson, he crafted a sound that perfectly captures the essence of the early '80s R&B and smooth jazz scene.

Having risen to prominence through his captivating cover videos on social media during the pandemic, Turra has garnered a devoted following and sold-out shows across the US and Europe. With previous hits like Get Into The Groove and Sweet Life amassing over 2 million streams on Spotify, "The Way She Wants" sets the stage for Turra's continued success in the music industry. Dive into the mesmerizing sounds of Giacomo Turra and follow him on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube for updates on his latest music releases and upcoming tour dates. Stream the single below and get your copy here.

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