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The Hxliday Promotes “Thank U” With a New Music Video

Written By: Jacob Wisda


The desire to escape reality can be a dangerous impulse. While ducking out of day-to-day life has its appeal, all too often, it comes at a steep price. And in his newest music video, Thank U, The Hxliday illustrates the cost of relying on drugs for escapism. With a vocal performance that ranges from melancholic to raw, the song is both blunt and moving. By contrast, the instrumentals feature an eclectic mix of rap, emo, and pop influences. The 18-year-old songwriter's rhythmic percussion and distorted guitar chords stress his core message.

In trying times like these, The Hxliday sees the temptation to look for escapism in all the wrong places. Thank U is the lead single in anticipation of The Hxliday’s upcoming EP, Batboy. It’s also his first release since singing onto Mowtown Records earlier this year. Stream the music video, directed by Nicholas Jandora, down below. Fans can connect with The Hxliday on Instagram, and Twitter.

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