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Trizz Makes Waves With His New Single "Authentic"

Written By: Jacob Wisda


Plenty of rappers factor exciting, fast-paced lyricism into their musical output. But few artists do so with the sincerity and authenticity that Trizz offers on his new single, Authentic. The track’s atmospheric instrumentals lay the groundwork for his phenomenal vocal talent. And at just under two minutes in length, Trizz demonstrates his ability to fill even the tightest space with lyrical magnitudes.

Beyond Trizz’ commendable talent, Authentic also features cuts from New York’s DJ Skyhook. Despite coming out so late in the year, Authentic represents another decisive hit for Tommy Boy Music, the New York based label behind the track. You can stream Authentic on YouTube down below. For updates on Trizz and insight into his future projects, follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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