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Tupac's "Dear Mama" Gets A Country Twist For Mother's Day With A Tribute By Rvshvd

Written By: Big C


RVSHVD, the South Georgia singer-songwriter, is set to release his rendition of Tupac Shakur's iconic Dear Mama just in time for Mother's Day. This heartfelt homage to one of hip-hop's most beloved tracks pays tribute not only to Tupac, but also to RVSHVD's own mother and the countless hardworking parents who sacrifice for their children. This deeply personal connection infuses RVSHVD's rendition with authenticity and emotion, promising a moving listening experience for fans old and new. RVSHVD's musical journey from hip-hop to country reflects his evolution as an artist seeking to express his truth. In RVSHVD's own words:

Tupac was a major influence in my life growing up. His music and message has reached millions and will continue to do so. 'Dear Mama' has a special message that many who grew up with a parent that worked tirelessly for their child can connect to, myself include.

Inspired by Keith Urban's Sweet Thing, he found a sense of belonging in country music, where he could speak honestly about his experiences and emotions. His unique blend of hip-hop and country garnered attention with his version of Roddy Ricch's Ballin, amassing millions of streams and establishing him as a rising star in the industry. Recognized as Country Rookie of the Month by Billboard and featured as an Artist To Watch 2024 by CMT, RVSHVD continues to captivate audiences with his genre-bending sound and genuine storytelling. With upcoming live dates including a West Coast run, CMA Fest, Nashville Block Party, and London Long Road Festival, RVSHVD's star is on the rise, promising an exciting journey ahead for fans worldwide. Experience RVSHVD's heartfelt tribute to Tupac and celebrate the enduring love of mothers everywhere with "Dear Mama" below. Follow RVSHVD on Apple Music, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, TikTok, X, and YouTube. Stream your own company here.

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