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Welcome To "The Outside" With Boys Like Girls

Written By: Big C

Photo Credit: Matty Vogel

Reigniting the band's musical flame since May, Boys Like Girls has released an impactfull single entitled Blood And Sugar and the heartfelt track Language prepping their comeback. As it resonated deeply with both longtime fans and newcomers, their evolution while staying true to their distinctive pop-rock roots, leaving listeners eager for more. Available on all streaming platforms Boys Like Girls is back for their latest single, The Outside. Martin had to say:

Music shaped my life choices – clothes, friends, even the stickers on my locker door. In high school, I proudly displayed my music taste through my style. Finding like-minded friends was crucial, forming a lasting gang.'The Great Escape,' was a tribute to those friends. Now, 'THE OUTSIDE' celebrates our outsider spirit. We're BOYS LIKE GIRLS, and this one's for you.

THE OUTSIDE, the third single from BOYS LIKE GIRLS this year, delves into the bittersweet nostalgia of growing up and the power of music to shape one's identity. Lead vocalist, Martin, shared a heartfelt reflection on the inspiration behind the song, recounting moments of youthful rebellion and the formation of lifelong friendships through music. The track is a triumphant outsider anthem that captures the essence of finding solace and connection through shared experiences. Speakng Our Language Tour begins on September 17 with 3OH!3, The Ready Set, LOLO and More Along The Way. Follow Boys Like Girls on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok. Get your copy here and listen to the official audio below.

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