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Anthan Pantha Is Robbing The Industry "Brick By Brick" Feat. HuntDawgg

Written By: Big C


Record labels may need to tighten security because this Harlem newcomer is coming for every last fan! Antha Pantha felt empowerment by her own personal journey when creating this song Brick By Brick. Torn between making others happy and doing what was best for herself, Antha came to the realization it's all about taking control of your life and using your hardships and battles as the bricks to build your own empire. Featuring the homie HuntDawgg, we see her orchestrate a well crafted bank robbery stealing bricks of cash and the prize diamond jewels. Anthan had to say:

To me this song represents building your own empire in the midst of your circumstances. While all the distractions are going on around you, you still need to build. At the time I recorded this song I was at a crossroad, between making others happy and doing what makes me happy. This was basically the statement that I'm moving forward and choosing me. Sometimes you have to be willing to do anything to reach your goals - even if it's something crazy like robbing a bank, lol

Directed by rising New York duo MadStreetFilms we see how viscous and the high risk it takes to get a major reward. Antha isn't playful with her lyrics and keeps it very direct over the combination production of Tweek Tune and True from MikeWillMadeIt's EarDrummer crew. Much is in store for Antha so be on the lookout. Stream your copy of the single here and avoid getting caught up in the official video below.

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