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Behind The Lens: Madison Jay (Part Six)


Do You Participate In Sport Betting? Did You Make Money Off The Super Bowl?

My name Dionte’ Gambrell, I never like to gamble. That’s a bar by the way lol

What Sport Do You Like The Most & Who Is Your Favorite Team/Player?

My favorite “sport” is pro wrestling. It’s not really a sport but it’s a sport. It’s been my passion since 1991. My favorite wrestlers would be like Bret Hart, Sting, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Ultimo Dragon, Terry Funk.

Is Your Music Generally About One Person, Yourself, or Relatable? What Perspective Do You Write In (1st or 3rd Person)?

My music is mainly about myself because I like to speak from that first person narrative. Nobody can explain your thoughts or your story better than you.

Does Your Artistry Come From Heartbreak Or A Quest For Love?

My artistry comes from a quest of love. My love for hiphop and finding the right ways to express that love.

What’s Your Most Favorite Article Of Clothing/Accessories/or Electronic Which You Own?

My favorite article of clothing would be any of my County! clothing line prices. Any piece I keep for myself is created solely as a 1 of 1 piece so that it can’t be replicated. Makes it that much more exclusive.

Which Brand Fits Your Artistry (Clothing, Beverage, Automotive, Luxury)

I’m into brands but I’m not into brands if that makes sense. We define brands. Brands don’t define us.

If You Could Tell Your 15 Year Old Self Something What Would It Be?

I would tell my 15 year old self to invest, save, and not take people for granted.

Do You See World War 3 In The Near Future?

Well what classifies something as a “World War”? I think we’ve already been in a WW3 if you think about it. US versus Iraq and Afghanistan, Russia versus Ukraine. Why are those not classified as WW3? I think we’re in the midst of that war.

Who Are Your Top Five Favorite Artists?

Nas, Styles P, Future, Michael Jackson, Mary J. Blige.

What's Something You’re Willing Or Already Given Up For The Music Industry & Where Can People Connect With You At?

Man I’ve sacrificed so much time to this game. Damn near my life to become the best artist I can possibly be. I’m due payment! Follow me on select platforms at @themadisonjay.

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